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Apply to participate in our angel investing bootcamp



Apply to participate in our angel investing bootcamp

Rigorous Curriculum

Curriculum developed by Angela Lee, Associate Dean at Columbia Business School.  Continue learning through deep dive workshops

Real World Application

We evaluate 2000+ startups a year - apply your learnings to our high quality deal flow and learn from real case studies

Mentorship & Networking

1:1 mentorship, intimate class size to foster learning and relationships, networking with our 70+ accomplished members

Designed For Busy People

Learn through our 2 day immersion in NYC, or through our 8 week online course from the comfort of your living room


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What fees and expectations are involved?

  • NYC bootcamp tuition is $4500 (detailed schedule). This covers materials, instructors, legal fees and a 1 year membership into the 37 Angels network. At the end of the program, participants are expected to make a $10K investment into a startup of their choosing.

  • Online bootcamp tuition is $3000 (detailed schedule). This covers materials, instructors, legal fees and access to 1 year of 37 Angels events.

  • Membership fee to join the network is $3000 per year. Each year, members are expected to invest in at least one company ($25K minimum) and participate in at least one diligence team.

What is required to participate in the bootcamp or join the network?

  • Complete an online application and interview.

  • Be an accredited investor according to rules set forth by the SEC. An individual must meet at least one of the two requirements below:

    • Individual or household net worth in excess of $1 million (excluding value of primary residence)

    • Individual income in excess of $200K or joint income with a spouse in excess of $300K for the past 2 years

What is an angel investor?
An angel investor is an individual who invests their own money (usually between $25-$250K) in an early-stage company, usually in exchange for equity.

Do you only invest in women-led businesses?
No.  We believe that our angels should invest in companies that align with their interests and that can benefit from their advice and guidance.  We do not restrict ourselves to only investing in women-led businesses.

I’m not able to participate in the upcoming bootcamp  – will there be more?
Yes!  We are currently accepting applications for our NYC bootcamps that kick off Sep 20-21, 2019 (waitlist only) and Nov 15-16, 2019 (detailed schedule).  Our next online bootcamp kicks off on Jan 13, 2020 (detailed schedule). Join our mailing list to be notified of the next bootcamp.  

Can I join the network without going through the angel bootcamp?
Of course - if you are an experienced investor we welcome you to apply to join our network - Annual membership fees are $3000.  Take a look at the benefits of joining here.  

Is there a minimum investment to be a part of the network?
Members are required to make one $25K investment per year.  For angels participating in our in person bootcamp, the initial investment is $10K.  

Do I have to be based in the New York area to join the NY chapter / Are you ever going to have a program outside of NYC? 
Not necessarily and we have had participants from Africa, Hong Kong, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, and beyond!  Our pitch forums take place every 2 months in NYC and our investors often travel in for those events (our largest 2nd cities are San Francisco and Boston).  However, you may lose out on some of the benefits of the additional training events and networking if you're not local.  If you are interested in joining another chapter/helping to coordinate a bootcamp in another city, email us at and let us know where you're based.  We may come to your city next!  

Bootcamp Application

Bootcamp Application

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