Online Course Review - Independent Study
Please send your resume and why you are interested in this role to by Mar 1.  In addition, please highlight any experience you have in startups/investing/online education. Lastly, please share your general availability Mar-Aug and specific availability Apr 26-27 and Jun 28.

37 Angels is a network of investors investing in high potential startups (founded by Angela Lee, Chief Innovation Officer at Columbia Business School).  We also offer an online bootcamp that teaches the art of angel investing.  We have 50 portfolio companies, 70+ investors and 15+ mentors in our network.  

Expectations of role:

  • Online course audit: This online course was built in 2016 and it needs to be refreshed to stay up to date. The main output of this project would be a google doc with a list of all of the items that need to be updated (item type, time stamp of update, notes on what needs to be refreshed). Examples of things that would need to be updated are any mention of what year it is, charts that need more current data, examples that are now updated. The expectation is that the candidate would go through the course twice - the first time to learn the content and see the overall flow, and the second time to really audit the course in detail.

  • Online course review: There might also be improvements that could be made to the course around clarity and additional content. A list of suggestions would be a secondary output of this project.

  • Project management: Some candidates might be interested in overseeing the execution of the suggested changes (overseeing video editors and post-production). Please indicate whether or not you are also interested in this portion of the project.

  • The expectation is that the work would be done within 1-2 months with a weekly check-in for no more than 30 min per week. This project can be done at your own pace given the nature of the work. There is ~10 hours of content to watch/audit in the course and another ~10 hours of content to complete if you want to do all of the exercises.

Benefits of role:

  • Education: You get the learning of our investing bootcamp (online and/or in person) – a $3000-4500 value where you’ll learn to source companies, conduct diligence, value companies, negotiate a terms sheet, and much more.

  • NYC startup ecosystem immersion: You would get to attend all 37 Angels events (pitch forums, educational deep dives, startup and investor networking events) while you are involved on the project. Be rapidly immersed in the NY start-up scene and get an insider's view into a dynamic community of innovators. Meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors. Our alum have gone on to work at Greycroft, Core Innovation Capital, Dorm Room Fund, High Peaks Ventures, Scout Ventures, Tech Stars, Google, and more!