Community Intern
Please send your resume, available start date, and any other pertinent info to

37 Angels is a network of women investors investing in high potential startups.  We also offer a bootcamp that teaches the art of angel investing.  We have 30+ portfolio companies, 60+ investors and 15+ mentors in our network.  We've outlined some of the expectations of the role below but will adapt depending on the background of the candidate.  

Expectations of this role:

  • Manage event newsletter:  Each week, we send an event newsletter to our community.  The intern is expected to list events forwarded to them as well as stay abreast of events in NYC (through a list of sources we would provide) 
  • Manage twitter account:  The intern is expected to send tweets multiple times a day (we manage our account through Hootsuite), engaging on Twitter daily (e.g., retweets, favorites, replies) and also help us think of strategic ways to engage with and grow our follower base
  • Connect internally:  Help with initiatives to strengthen ties in our community, highlight good news and encourage idea sharing
  • Streamline processes:  We are looking for someone who is organized, responsive, and can help to make our processes even more efficient.  For example, how can we quickly respond to our portfolio companies' needs for hiring, subject matter expertise, and intros?  
  • Other:  Our expectation is a 5-10 hrs/wk role, though this could change over time.  Start date is ASAP with a minimum 6 month commitment.  Ideally this person is familiar with the NY startup ecosystem

 Benefits to you:

  • Participate in our investing bootcamp – a $4500 value where you’ll learn to source companies, conduct diligence, value companies, negotiate a terms sheet, and much more
  • Be rapidly immersed in the NY start-up scene. You'll be able to connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors
  • Enjoy the privilege of an exclusive view into a dynamic community of innovators
  • Help contribute to closing the gender gap in the startup ecosystem