Note that we have been overwhelmed with applications so will not be accepting any more for the moment.  We will be hiring another investment intern late 2017 or early 2018 so feel free to reach out then.  

Investment Intern Role
Please send your resume, general availability Aug-Feb, specific availability Sep 15-16, Nov 17-18, and why you are a fit for this role to  Applications will be accepted until July 21.

37 Angels is a network of women investors investing in high potential startups (founded by Angela Lee, Chief Innovation Officer at Columbia Business School).  We also offer a bootcamp that teaches the art of angel investing.  We have 40+ portfolio companies, 60+ investors and 15+ mentors in our network.  

Investment Intern:  Expectations of role:

  • Startup evaluation:  Review applications from Gust and referrals, attend demo days, and conduct pre-screening calls with entrepreneurs
  • Point person:   Organize the deal screening process - send out calendar invites to pre-screening calls, manage the google doc that keeps us all coordinated, coordinate presentations and presenter logistics the day of the pitches
  • Deal sourcing: There is no expectation to source any additional deal flow though ideally this person is familiar with the NY startup ecosystem
  • Organization:  We are looking for someone who is organized, responsive, and can help to make our processes even more efficient
  • Time commitment:  Spend 10-20 hrs/wk to be jointly determined.  Ideally this person would commit for a minimum of 6 months (Aug-Feb)

 Investment Intern:  Benefits of role:

  • Education:  Participate in our investing bootcamp – a $4500 value where you’ll learn to source companies, conduct diligence, value companies, negotiate a terms sheet, and much more
  • Training:  Experience the entire investing life cycle from sourcing to investing.  We evaluate 2000+ startups a year and invest in 10-12.  Most of our alum have gone on to roles in VC, accelerators, and startups.  
  • NYC startup ecosystem immersion:  Be rapidly immersed in the NY start-up scene and get an insider's view into a dynamic community of innovators.  Meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors