Prototyping & Wireframes
Keynotopia:  Best if familiar with ppt/keynote
Balsamiq:  Wireframing and mock up tool
Moqups:  Mockups & UI testing
InVision:  Prototyping and collaboration
Bootstrap:  Responsive, mobile first projects

Website Development
Launchrock:  Publish a landing page in minutes
Squarespace:  Simple with beautiful layouts
Strikingly:  Mobile-friendly website in minutes
Volusion:  Open an online store
Shopify: Open an online store
Built With: What tech websites use
Code Climate: Code review

Stacklist: Curated list of tools
Uber conference: Free conference calls  Virtual meeting solution
Doodle:  Find a meeting time that works
CoFoundersLab: Find a cofounder
Venturejuice:  Services for startups
FlexTeam:  Augmented management team
GK Training:  Pitch coaching
Canva: Logo Design



Project Management
Trello: Project management tool
Basecamp: Project management tool
Asana: Project management tool
Slack: Team communication tool

Technical/Entrepreneurial Literacy
One Month: Online classes
General Assembly:  In person classes
Codecademy: Learn how to code
Khanacademy: Learn for free
Thinkful: Online mentorship
TechSpeak: Learn to manage technical teams
Udemy: Online education marketplace
Lynda: Online classes

Cooley Go: Resources & education
Orrick Total Access: Resources & education
Hire an Esquire: Legal Labor Marketplace
Upcounsel: Hire legal professionals
Traklight: Track and protect IP
Cap Table IO:  Cap table calculator

Domain Name Generators
Hipster Business
Domain Name Soup



User Feedback / Engagement
Survey Monkey: Create surveys
Optimizely:  A/B testing for websites
Unbounce: Build and A/B test landing pages
Usertesting:  Get feedback on your site
WhatUsersDo: Understand user experience
Curalate:  Measure social media marketing

CRM / Marketing
Streak:  CRM inside Gmail
Zoho: CRM software
Highrise: CRM software for small businesses
Mailchimp:  Email Marketing
Sailthru: Email Marketing
SendGrid:  Email Marketing Send email based on behavior
Appboy: Engage mobile customers
Powtoon: Create animated videos
Animoto: Create animated videos
Videolicious: Create animated videos 

Data / Analytics
Tableau: Business intelligence and analytics
Mixpanel: Analytics for mobile
Crashlytics: Mobile crash reporting tool
Appannie: App analytics
Baremetrics: Metrics for SAAS businesses
Chart Mogul: Subscription analytics reporting